Campo Lisio extra virgin olive oil

Campo Lisio, 5 minutes from the beautiful Ionian sea, on the borders of the communes of Ugento and Presicce, stone throw's from Salve's famous Spigolizzi masseria - this is where we begun our olive oil adventure! We fell in love with the sheer beauty of the spot, macchia behind the ancient dry stone wall - mirto, lentisco; wall of wild rosemary to the south, Roberto, convinced organic farmer, to the west and north. This is where we sat amazed, stunned by the light as the sun disappeared into the neighbouring green waters.

80 olive trees, principally Ogliarola and Leccine with a few Celline, over half secular. A dream come true!

We went ahead with the project of turning Campo Lisio into an organic small holding: olive oil, vegetables, grapes, capers. No weed killers or chemical treatments.

2007 is our first harvest and we are very happy with the oil. Hand picked olives, cold pressed by Valliani in Pressice, unfiltered, and rested for two months before bottling.

The properties of extra virgin olive oil, cultivated in a natural manner, are numerous: reduction of cholesterol, helping absorption of vitamins, anti-oxidants, anti cancer etc

In Salento, olive oil is used in local herbal medecine for extracting splinters, for healing stomache aches or even ear ache. It is widely renown for trreatment of hair.

Our oil is vivid, explosive and full of goodness, fantastic on wild salads such as roquette, stir fried vegetables, pasta, or simply in a plate with fresh bread.

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